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Kelly & Dustin DuPrat

After having met 17 years ago in an accredited Montreal design school, Dustin and Kelly’s mutual love for design and residential construction not only led to their marriage but a career that’s covered two countries, multiple states and provinces.  After having moved from the USA to Kelly’s home-town Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in 2011, Dustin’s passion and experience in construction - which now spans the better part of two decades - led him to follow a path into cabinetry and furniture making, something that filled his spare time as a hobby for years prior.  Since starting business in Yarmouth 5 years ago, Dustin and Kelly have been sharing their professional passion and expertise with those who seek them out, both in the local Tri-Counties and beyond.  With their team’s combined, hands-on background in residential and light commercial construction as well as interior design, exterior and landscape design they offer a unique and unparalleled perspective into every project they play a part regardless of scope or budget. 

DuPrat Designs

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